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Major Decision: Finding Your Academic Path

With course registration upon us, many students are turning their attention to the topic of majors.  Some have declared a major but may be reconsidering it, and others have explored different topical areas by taking a diverse array of classes

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How Do You Prefer Your Shrimp? Choosing a College Major

In the movie Forrest Gump (1994), Forrest befriends Bubba, a soldier with a passion for shrimp.  In a scene from the movie, Bubba explains the many ways shrimp can be prepared: Just like the many options that exist for preparing

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How Should I Choose My Major?

Deciding on your major is definitely an important decision.  It is also a decision that you do not have to make entirely on your own.   There are many resources around you including faculty, your faculty advisor, academic advisors in the

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