Let’s Get Political

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Nothing like a wall to keep the good in and the bad out… right? Right? This is apparently a serious question.

There are any number of things to satirize nowadays, but are any quite as fun as the strongly opinionated people of America? In the land of the free, the land of the constitution, we the people enjoy a protected freedom of opinion quite unlike any other. Naturally, a number of these opinions are quite shocking, which makes for easy pickings in the world of comedy.

Recently the news has been abuzz with talk of “the wall.” Congress shut down for a record amount of time, and various news outlets had field days with the controversial topic: who should be let into the country and through which methods?

The wall itself may seem impractical or illogical, or possibly like the best idea since sliced bread depending on your crowd. But one constant that people can agree on is what type of characters should be admitted into the country: good people, ideally who share our views and will “uphold American values.”

What American values are these? There’s a number of segments online already about the president’s idea of “extreme vetting,” namely highlighting the differences in between what people say and what they believe via interviews. In my political remix piece I hope to be able to answer that question at the end of the day: will extreme vetting keep the “good” people IN and the “bad” people OUT?

My audience will likely be people who enjoy irony, and namely people who laugh at ideas like the wall. Given my typically gallows-humor approach I think there’ll be a lot of direct comparisons of hypocrisy and ironic instances that highlight inconsistencies. These inconsistencies will hopefully point out my main idea that the people outside of our country are maybe not as scary as the residents currently within.