Questioning My Status as a ‘Digital Native’

Ringba. A communications company offering its core function of call tracking services, as well as customizable interactive voice responses and access to a real time ping tree. For the discerning customer, likely corporate managers looking to up their company’s phone service game, this site seems to offer highly reviewed competitive performance in all things communications. For myself, and the rest of the public likely questioning what a ‘ping tree’ even is, Ringba is just a pretty website.

Even for those lacking general communications knowledge, Ringba’s site offers a simple and straightforward user experience. There’s a bar across the top of the page to access their home page, products menu, pricing model, sign up / login accounts, and chat/calling to contact the company. The products menu is an attractive drop-down featuring their three services, which nicely highlight to help pinpoint your selection.

The whole website runs with a dark theme which is often a tricky thing to make look nice, but with Tron level graphics and a good color array, it’s actually quite pleasing. The first thing to catch your eye is a 3D render of four floating, shimmering Tron-like globes, designed to represent their core service and three constituents, right next to a short sentence describing their service and demo / free trial options.

Scrolling down the page, graphics pop up with blurbs further explaining what Ringba does, what you – the customer – can do with it, a link to an example of Ringba in use. The graphics remain cool and pleasing to the eye, but they don’t stay there when you scroll back up, insisting on repeating the visual before displaying the information. This is definitely one of the shortcomings, as personally I prefer to have things relatively grounded to make for easy scrolling to find what I’m looking for. The visual transitions are cool to see the first time around, but quickly become annoying, feeling messy and disorganized despite still displaying the info at the end.

Before you hit the bottom of the page where yet another prompting of demo / trial appears, an interesting thing pops up: consumer insights. Seemingly an accessible area of reviews from people experiencing your call system, wherein you can improve the call function. This is all on just the home page. As an inexperienced customer shopping about, you can – like I did – figure out a decent idea of what exactly is going on, just by scrolling down the page and following the amusing visuals.

Ringba’s simplicity is a major selling point towards presenting their wares and presenting them well, with simple (if a bit buzzword-y) descriptive statements. Ringba delivers a simple, easy to navigate and understand web experience, a glowing star at the top of a beautiful, real time ping tree.

Click the link to check it out: