UVM's Information Security Operations Team answers "Why?" Why?security

Using URL Shorteners

We’ve all seen URLs shortened by bit.ly and its cousins: Unwieldy juggernauts like http://www.megaconference.us/register.qxv?event=megacon%20xxviii&wonderment=true%20enough%20for%20mom&prepop=1&campaign=225817558&api_key=3e7a67b1f9c00d601dbe reduced to tidy morsels like http://blag.foo/5Vf2. Who doesn’t enjoy that? It’s cleaner! Efficient! More user-friendly! Information security pros, that’s who. Why? Because it’s opaque. How did you know that clicking http://go.uvm.edu/9utlr (if that’s how you got here) was going to bring …

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