Assignment #3 (Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography)

Due: Friday, March 1 by 11:59pm


In this assignment you will further refine your research topic by writing a short introduction to your topic and an overview of your research question. You will also begin your research in earnest by finding and annotating scholarly sources pertaining to your topic.

To accomplish these goals, you will write a research proposal (approx. 750 words; no more than 1000 words) with an annotated bibliography of FIVE sources, at least THREE of which are peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles and/or books.

Detailed instructions on how to complete this assignment may be found in the following document: Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

When posting your research proposal and bibliography to the blog, you should paste the entire entry into the post box, and then insert a “break” between the proposal and the bibliography. To do this, insert the cursor at the end of your proposal text, and click the “Insert More Tag” button in the top level of the menu bar (the button is directly to the left of the “Spell Check” button). This will insert a link that readers can click to read the rest of your entry. By doing so we can keep more current entries on the front page of the blog, and can scroll through entries quickly.