University of Vermont TKD UVM Taekwondo Club

Club Officers


Olivia Peterson

I’m Olivia Peterson, but please call me Liv and I use they/she pronouns. I’m a senior biochemistry major and philosophy minor, and I’m this years club president!

I started taekwondo when I was younger at Blue Wave but took a long break before restarting with the club three years ago! I am now a 1st degree black belt and enjoy competing in poomsae.


Logan Mohn

Hi everyone! My name is Logan Mohn (he/him/whatever you decide) I am a red belt and currently a Junior here at UVM. I am psychology major with a sociology minor and I plan to continue my education here at UVM for my masters/phd. I started martial arts when I was in elementary school. I did a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do for a few years but then I quit before high school after just testing for my high blue belt. When I first moved into UVM for my freshman year two years ago, I wanted to get into a club to workout and have a good time. To be completely honest, I had a lot more fun then I thought I was going to have and now we are here!


Deanna Barankewicz

Hi I’m Deanna and I’m this year’s secretary! I’m currently a Human Development and Family Science major! I just tested for my 2nd degree black belt; I started taekwondo when I was 11 under the instruction of Master Davin Sessa and Mr. William Connolly at Martial Arts Unlimited in Somers NY.

Social Media Coordinator

Sophie Carbin

Hi! I’m Sophie Carbin (she/her) and I’m the club’s Social Media Coordinator! I’m a junior from Connecticut majoring in Environmental Studies. I did a little taekwondo in middle school but stopped until spring of my first year at UVM, and now it’s one of the most important parts of my college life. I also love birding, gaming, and I’m always happy to chat about music!

Events/Fundraising Coordinator

Max Terraciano

Hi! I’m Max and I’m this years events and fundraising coordinator. I am a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in neuroscience. I started when I was 5 under Ms. Samantha Grzywacz and received my black belt in 2017. I stopped Taekwondo in 2019 before picking it back up here at UVM.

Tournament Coordinator

Sasha Bakhareva

Hi, hi! My name is Sasha. I’m a rising junior and I’ll be your tournament coordinator this year. My major is biochem and I also minor in pharmacology, math and German. Beside UVM taekwondo I like spending my time riding and fixing bikes, or taking care of my many plants.

Inclusivity Coordinator

Elise Sharrock

Hi! My name’s Elise and I use she/they pronouns.

I am this year’s inclusion coordinator for the taekwondo club. My role is welcoming new members and making sure everyone is included, comfortable and feels part of the club. I’m a sophomore student studying sociology with a minor in psychology.

I started taekwondo as a freshman in my first semester at UVM, I’m now a blue belt and continue taekwondo at home during breaks. Outside of classes and taekwondo I enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing hiking and being near the water.

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