Thomas Caswell

Hello, I’m Thomas Caswell. I reside from Essex Junction. I’ve wanted to attend UVM for 15 years and to be part of this program and being able to attend college here is an absolute dream come true.

Some of my hobbies I have include bike riding, playing some sports, dancing, and I’m also a tech enthusiast.

I attended Mt. Mansfield Union High School in Jericho. During my time, I also attended Center for Technology, Essex for one year, participated in the Bridging Program, and participated in a job training program called Project SEARCH which involved taking internships. I’m also a self-advocate for people with disabilities and those that identify as LGBTQ+. In the last few years, I have part of many advocacy groups that are run by Green Mountain Self Advocates, a state-wide organization that helps people with disabilities being able to advocate for themselves and take control of their lives. Past groups include Capital Advocates Together in Montpelier, being the first ever President of Bridging Advocates Together, and Burlington Self Advocacy Group run by Howard Center. Today I’m involved in Champlain Voices which I have been for over 3 ½ years and I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ people with disabilities group.

For a year, I had a fellowship project with SARTAC and GMSA which involved giving advice for peers, teachers, parents, and support staff on supporting a person with a disability who is coming out as LGBTQ+. I used to work for GMSA as an Advocacy Educator. 

I am the first openly gay person to be part of Think College. What I love about being here is being able to go to a school and being fully accepted for who I am. I hope to inspire other people out there that are just like me.