Matthew Andrew

Hi, my name is Matthew. I am a very happy person. I am originally born in Boston, but now I live at Mansfield Hall here in Burlington. I think this is the best ever. My family is very friendly. I have three half sisters who I love to visit. I love skiing. Skiing is a lot of fun, and I do all of the black diamonds. My favorite black diamond is called Troll Road at Sugarbush Mountain. I also love to kayak down by the lake, and I like reading. I mostly read fiction, but some non-fiction as well. I am also a lover of food. I have a lot of favorites, but my biggest favorite food is chicken parmesan with pasta. This is my first semester here with Think College and I am taking a music class. I am excited for a lot of the different classes I am going to take in the future. I am very happy about everybody and everything here!