Ben Townley

Hello! My name is Bennett Gica Townley and this is my first year at UVM Think College!  I was pretty worried about how I would do in such a big university working with mentors my age versus middle-aged people like I was used to from K-12 but I feel very competent with it and can always get more support if needed.  UVM has given me an excellent welcome and I have a good first impression of the campus! What I like the most is how I can be very independent and go to the library, the natatorium, the gym, visit the Interfaith Center to play the pipe organ, and hang-out with peers my age.  

My favorite hobby is playing the pipe organ and my tin whistle.  I have taught myself to play these instruments by repeating songs from my mp3 player, phone, and YouTube several times and then figuring out the keys and fingerings to correspond with those notes.  I have played pipe organ since 2010 and I started the tin whistle in 2016.

My other really big hobby is christmas!  I have a small 16-inch christmas tree on my bookshelf in my room! I also play christmas music throughout the year, even in July! My favorite Christmas carol and perhaps my “theme song” would be Carol of the Bells!  I also can play numerous Christmas carols on pipe organ and tin whistle including ones from the 15th century and earlier (i.e. The Boar’s Head Carol, Gloucestershire Carol, Personent Hodie, and O’ Little Town of Bethlehem).

I am very proud to be here and I want to share that positive energy with others by welcoming them as they had done to me.  I really hope to make new friends, and maybe even go on a big trip with UVM Friends!