AM Toolkit

R packages by the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

The Adaptive Management Toolkit is a series of R packages used for population analysis, data processing, population modeling, and survey/web tools. The packages were developed to promote certain aspects of adaptive management of natural resources. Available through the USGS github site, these packages are under the Creative Commons license.

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AMMonitor is monitoring framework for remote monitoring of biodiversity through time and space, particularly with audio recording and photographs.

AMModels is an R package for storing models, data, and metadata.

AMSurvey is R package for creating and administering surveys through a Shiny interface (available soon).

AMHarvest includes a suite of functions for the analysis of harvested populations (available soon).

AMPop functions allow a user to create virtual populations through time.

AMShiny is an R package for organizing modular-based Shiny applications (available soon).

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