My phenology spot is located just next to Converse and Redstone halls. It is a grove of pine and cedar trees clustered together with a rock in the middle. I first visited the grove during my first week at UVM, and saw a few students sitting in the grass, studying, and enjoying the warm weather under the towering trees I was curious about the spot and how it would change along with the seasons, not only in an ecological sense but how the grove is used by students. The beautiful eastern white pines and northern white cedars that tower over the land evoke a sense of smallness, yet serenity, that can be viewed when present in the space.

Getting to the grove is very easy, as it is just a short walk from either Redstone or athletic campus. From Redstone, walk towards athletic campus on the road, past Coolidge and Redstone halls and the spot should be on the left across the street. From athletic, head along the path between uheights north and south, and follow the bike path, past the Catholic church and the pines will be straight ahead before the road. Coming from central campus, cross the street at the bus stop or take the tunnel through the Davis center. Walk along the bike path with the yellow catamount tracks and head up towards Redstone hall, and the pine grove should be on your right.

The small area is dominated by northern white cedars and eastern white pines, with some small grassy plants growing around the rocks and at the base of the trees.