How DO You Even Coffee??

While it seems like simple bean water coffee can be difficult to figure out. A lot of people don’t know how many options there are when ordering coffee. Menus can be extensive and very overwhelming. So here’s a little guide with common menu options and coffee terms so that you may come across so you can be a coffee genius instead of a coffee dud.

Types of Coffee:

*This is a very loose break down of brewed coffee. Each cafe will have different blends so it’s good to ask about what they have if you’re into that.

Medium Roast: has a nice balance of body and acidity; most coffees you get are medium roasts; pairs best with milk, cream, sugar or flavoring

Light Roast: most acidic type of coffee, lighter in taste, light body, doesn’t sit on your tongue as strongly, more caffeine typically

Dark (Bold) Roast: bold tasting, strong body, strong taste, won’t be altered so much by the addition of cream or sugar

Single Origin- the beans all come from one location as opposed to a blend

Blend- beans are a mix of different locations, coming from different farms and parts of the globe

Espresso Drinks:

Espresso- essentially a concentrated coffee shot; on average there is slightly less caffeine in a single shot of espresso (about 2oz has 80mg of caffeine on average) than a cup of coffee (12oz has 120mg of caffeine on average).

*That being said, if you go for more shots of espresso expect to be more caffeinated, I have underestimated the amount before and the jitters hit me hard. Two is usually good, ten is not. Trust me. Please trust me. Do not try this, that was a rough day.

Latte-shots of espresso, steamed milk, topped with a small amount of milk foam

Cappuccino- shots of espresso, small portion of steamed milk, the rest milk foam (more foam than a latte)

Dry- more foam in the drink than is standard

Wet- more steamed milk in the drink than is standard

Macchiatto- shots of espresso with a dollop of milk foam

* Some cafes such as Starbucks take this word and use it as reference to the shots being poured on top of the milk opposed to the milk over the shots which creates a more velvety mouth feeling, however outside of these corporates stores macchiato means “stained” with milk foam. If you’re used to places like Starbucks ask before you order, baristas will always help and you won’t get any surprises.

Cortado- equal parts espresso and steamed milk

Affagatto- shots of espresso poured over gelato or ice cream

Espresso Con Panna- shots of espresso topped with whipped cream



Fun Video About Coffee Roasting!