Nate’s Fun Facts

My friend and coworker loves coffee and has a knack for fun facts. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been keeping little notes on my phone whenever he says something particularly interesting. I’ve compiled them onto a list here and have given him credit. Does he know that I’ve been keeping them? Nope. But we can keep it that way.

-Coffee originated from farmers in Ethiopia who saw goats eating the bean and getting extremely energized. They followed suit and began chewing the beans too. Goats to show you, we can learn all we need from those little, devilish farm animals.

-Some people think it was gorillas that did showed us the way. Don’t believe them. They are fools. It was goats. I’m not kidding around here. Also gorillas are frightening and we can’t trust them like we can a goat.

-Espresso means “something that is forced out” in Italian, which sounds like not coffee but something coffee makes you do. So take that one as you want to.

-Coffee started off as a food in the form of “energy balls.”

-There was an attempt to outlaw coffee not once, not twice but five times! People in Mecca thought it allowed for complex thinking which governments don’t like (just look at ours, not sorry for the political joke sliding in). Other countries thought it overpowered consumption of goods made in their countries and didn’t want to import it as much.

-People who drink a lot of coffee may have lower risk of cancer and Alzheimers (so don’t let the haters hate, you drink those five cups a day).

-Decaf does not mean it has no caffeine. This one threw me off. There is a significantly lower amount (12mg compared to 100mg of caffeine per cup) but it is there. You’ve been lied to your whole life. I’m sorry. But decaf is the fool’s way anyway so I don’t feel that bad.

-In the 1600’s a group of women tried to ban coffee in England because it was turning men into useless slugs. I guess the caffeine crash hit hard for the men of Britain. Either way the “Woman’s Petition Against Coffee” formed and there were protests against the “useless corpses” that their husbands were ( I mean they’re husbands, I don’t know what they expected in the first place).

-The most expensive cup of coffee comes from a civet (a lil mammal, they’re real cute) who can’t fully digest the beans. The beans are collected, cleaned and brewed. A cup of you’re finest fecal brew can cost up to $600. I don’t know why this is a thing. Rich people are weird.

-About 100 cups of coffee can be lethal. So don’t try to compete with Voltaire who bragged about having fifty in a day.

-Espresso doesn’t actually have more caffeine than a cup of coffee. If you drink 16oz of it than yeah, that’s gonna wreck you. But 2oz of espresso is about the same as 16oz of regular coffee.

-Only Hawaii commercially grows coffee in the U.S. We import the rest.

-In Arabia a woman could divorce a man for not providing her with enough coffee (I would do it honestly).

-Speaking of Arabia, there was a time when you could only get coffee from a doctor’s prescription in Arabia and Yemen.

And if Nate isn’t enough (sorry bud) here’s a lil video to give you more stuff!