A Final Visit for this Spring

Visiting my site for the final blog post is sad and strange yet exciting. Somehow, the whole school year has gone by and both the woods and I made it through- mostly the same but also different. The weather feels similar to how it felt around the first time that I visited my blog in September. The trees and other vegetation aren’t yet as green as they were then, but they will be soon. As of now, things are beginning to sprout but they still appear dormant. The forest floor remains covered in a dark brown and the canopy is still empty of flourishing tree tops. However, the animals are really coming back to life. Chipmunks and squirrels can be seen foraging everywhere, birds are singing, snakes are slithering, bugs are buzzing, and frogs are swimming. The wildlife seems more than excited for warm summer nights and long bright days.

My place is in Centennial Woods and it is along one of the walking paths so the current culture that intertwines with my place is outdoor exercise with walking your dog or going for a run as well as the college culture of relaxing in a natural place in a hammock in your free time. The nature provides a comfortable and rejuvenating space for this culture to develop. After being at my place so frequently and knowing almost everything about it, I feel that I am a part of my place. I think that if I continue to visit this place and enjoy it as I, and it, changes I will become even more connected to it. I truly enjoy sitting on the log in my place and I can see myself visiting a lot through my years here at UVM. I would love to observe how the vegetation and wildlife changes throughout the varying seasons.