Delaware River

This place along the Delaware River is a beautiful path to go for a walk. The towpath goes through the town of Lumberville and has a village of unique houses all along the river. Some of the houses are up on stilts, due to the floods that sometimes happen. The Great Historic Flood of 1955 caused traumatic damage to the area and is still recognized today. Historically, the land along the water was used for lumber mills and it is still in use today. The famous Black Bass Inn was built along the river in the 1740’s and also remains quite popular. Multiple dams and a manmade stream were built around the area for added human utilization of the natural assets.

While walking along the path there were many geese, hawks, ducks, and even a bluebird. It definitely felt like spring seeing all of the bird wildlife out and about! My dogs also were very interested in the birds being so close. The riparian habitat had a lot of Sugar Maple, Walnut, Eastern White Pine, Basswood, and Red Maple. There were areas with all medium sized trees and minimal understory or areas with only understory brush. Being that it is mostly a human landscaped area, the trees are pretty spaced out and not a very natural habitat. Overall, it’s a fun place that many people get to experience throughout the whole year.