Home Place


Leopold- Peace Valley Park is a place I often go to near my house. It’s a quick drive, easy enough to bring our bikes or dogs, who love hanging their heads out the window. We take the dogs for a tiring walk, go for a scenic bike ride, go for a jog, take the kayaks out onto the lake, fish along the docks, do some yoga, or have a picnic in the grass. Every now and then, if I’m lucky, I’ll catch a glimpse of a few deer in the woods. They just stare at me, wondering if I’ll try to come closer. I do not. We peacefully hold eye contact for a moment until we both go our separate ways. Going to this place is so special because I always feel so content and connected with nature, and there is plenty of other people around me doing the same. I found this specific place on the bottom trail that goes off from the more frequently used area closer to the lake. It is on the edge of the woods with a small stream, as the overflow from the dam of Lake Galena. This place is simply beautiful, along with the opportunity it creates for humans to live quietly with nature as they enjoy their day.

Wright- Vermont and Pennsylvania are quite far from each other, yet still close. They share the same biome and have similar species. Comparable to my spot in Centennial Woods I found Norway Maples, Red Maples, and dry underbrush. Yet, different from Vermont, all of the leaves were dry and brown on the ground. There is something else that I found quite different than Vermont here; the immersion I felt with the land. In Burlington, I have a long thoughtful walk through the small path in the forest before I arrive to my spot. I have the chance to hear birds chirping and chipmunks scurrying through the ferns. The silence fills the space that is shaded by the emptying trees. I find many fallen logs where I am welcomed to sit and observe the sounds, smells, sights, and changes around me. In Perkasie, I did find one fallen log that gave me the feeling of Vermont. I tried sitting on it and taking in the nature around me, yet it wasn’t quite the same. I went off the traveled path of the park to find this place, but I could still hear bikes turning, children laughing, dogs barking. I felt less submerged in the natural world. The creation of the place is also human made, the stream was created by the overflow of a dam. I saw a man fishing in the stream, trying to catch a fish that got sucked out of the lake. How beautiful is this machinery I wondered?