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November 5
It has been very windy recently and this can be seen in the forest. There are many more fallen trees. Very large, old trees have fallen, many even over the path to get here. Today is another chilly and windy day, I believe it’s supposed to rain later. I hear many more animals than usual scurrying around such as squirrels and chipmunks. I noticed that many of the leaves in the canopy are still green and are mostly Norway Maples. A squirrel just got quite close to me this time and looked at me for a while before jumping away. The ground is now more brown than green. The sky is a pure white- a bright, dull white.

Patient Plants
Silently swaying
gentle forest,
a green canopy
so patient.
Perhaps enough
has fallen,
with old logs
covering the ground
that is enough
the leaves can not fall.
The black diseased
green leaves stay swaying
getting more and more battered
but staying patient.
As the wind whips
through the forest below
a squirrel escapes
up the hill
so curious
yet sure to stay hidden
on this cold gray day.