Birds Eye View

The birds eye view of my place shows the path on the right with the fallen log over the path and the tall Eastern White Pine to the right of the path. All of the straight lines demonstrate the fallen logs that are all over the area. There are also many holes in the canopy and dead trees, but a few living trees are still presented. The left side of the map is the higher elevation and the right side is the lower elevation, with a slope all the way down. In the center, there is a dark funnel looking drawing, which represents a fairly deep and wide gulley in the landscape.

The thickness of the organic layer on the ground has gotten a lot thicker with the falling of leaves, pinecones, and pine needles. Also, the canopy has become even more open with the hardwoods losing their leaves. For the leaves that did not fall, most of them are a yellowish color- especially in the maples. The only wildlife I have experience a lot at my place are mosquitos and the calling of a few birds. Even the bird calls are pretty rare though. The easiest time to hear the birds are in the morning, and sometimes at sunset.