Physical Description

The place that I chose is in Centennial Woods on a steep hill with bushes and shrubs below you and many fallen trees above you. You can see the crest of the hill and there is variant light due to the area having some dense canopy and some holes where several of the trees have fallen. On the ground there is many fallen dead trees and a thick O horizon with needles, leaves, and decomposed organic matter. To get here you enter Centennial from the main trail head and continue straight on the path until you get to the opening with a few large Eastern White Pines. Here there is a small path to the left, and if you continue down that path you will reach my place. I usually sit on a log that is rotting and laying over the trail. It is mostly comprised of Eastern White Pines but there is also many Sugar Maples, Red Maples, and Lady Ferns. I also found one Boxelder and one Black Cherry.