Human impact

This is a spot where many people walk through in order to continue onto the trail.

October 12, 2019– 4:01 pm

This was taken at the start of the season, when the leaves were just beginning to turn.

October 21, 2019– 2:46pm

Field notes

October 1, 2019– 5:10 pm

Marked as “The Hill Section”, this area consists of shrubbery, a rotting log, and predominantly deciduous with a few coniferous trees as well. The overstory contains many organic components, like leaves and branches. This spot marks the opening to the bridge to where the trail leads into. It is a wonderful spot to look up, and take a moment observe the fall foliage. By getting there, you simply have to continue straight on the path, until you hit somewhat of a clearing. There is a sense of ease, as the fresh breeze hits.

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