Second essay topics 2011

1. In many of the novels that we’ve read, characters’ lives are affected and even shaped by violence. Focusing on two novels (and this can include novels you’ve not already written about in your previous essay), compare how one character from each text responds to the violence in his/her life. What does this response reveal to us about each character and the societies in which they live?

2. Green Grass, Running WaterMonkey Beach, and Through Black Spruce all have very distinct narrative structures. Focusing on two of these three works, examine how each of these authors chooses to tell their particular stories. In other words, how does the form of each of the books connect to the content? Why does each author structure his or her narrative in these ways?

3. Create your own topic that addresses two of the following three novels: Green Grass, Running WaterMonkey Beach, and Through Black Spruce.

Essay is due May 4

Essay length: 1800-2000 words

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  1. Hello Paul! We found some of your posts very inspiring and want to say – Thanks! We wish you all the best and for your students too! One of our team members is former student of yours. Greetings from the UK! Cheers!

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