Topics for first essay Spring 2011

For this essay topic, you may write about RavensongKiss of the Fur Queen, and/or In Search of April Raintree. You can refer to The Truth About Stories and other sources, of course, but your essay still needs to focus on two of the three novels we’ve read so far.

1. Each of the novels we’ve looked at so far features a pair of siblings, with one child having a different connection to his or her heritage than the other. Focusing on two of these books, compare and contrast the roles of the sibling relationships paying particular attention to how these relationships connect to the overall themes of the novels.

2. “The truth about stories,” Thomas King tells us, “is that’s all that we are.” Choosing a character from two of the novels we’ve read, examine the function of stories in the characters’ lives. How do stories shape the characters’ behaviours? Do these stories or how they are looked at by the characters change over the course of the novel(s)?


ESSAY LENGTH 1500-1800 words DUE DATE: Monday, March 21 (no extensions)

Here’s a link to a good site that will show you how to use MLA style for formatting your paper and using in-text citations.  Even if you don’t use any secondary sources, you still need to have a works cited list for your paper.

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  1. Paul Martin says:

    Yes. Just write on one of the essay topics.

  2. Ashley S. says:

    We choose one of the two essay prompts not both, yes?

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