Bonus blog prompt – The Flying Troutmans

As in several of the books we’ve read this semester, The Flying Troutmans includes characters for whom their past and the present situations are inextricably linked. ┬áDiscuss this idea with respect to one of the characters in the novel and use at least one quotation from the book to illustrate your point.

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  1. Azure says:

    “One time Min and the kids and I were having lunch in a restaurant. Thebes was in a high chair having a fit over something and Min and I were trying to get her to calm down. When she finally did, Logan was gone. He’d left a note, spelled out in square letters along the edge of a round coaster. I have run away for the 3 time, it said. We ran out of the restaurant and found him halfway down the block watching a busker perform magic tricks” (Toews 232).

    This passage is a perfect exam of Logan’s personality, which is pretty much the same from the current time to when he was younger. Since his mother is not fully with it all of the time, Logan has always had a hard time coping with her issues and trying to find himself at the same time. It is clear in the fact that Logan ran away multiple times when he was younger, and over the course of the novel Logan continues to run away from Hattie’s supervision. Most of the time he runs away very innocently, to basketball courts to play ball, but he runs away just the same. Logan has had a rough childhood with his mother’s disorder, and now as he grows older he has begun to accept the idea that his mother can’t take care of the kids anymore. Logan is under the impression that it is up to him to take care of himself and Thebes. His mother’s problems are what cause Logan to be who he was in the past, and who he is in the present. His issues with authority stem from his mothers issues.

  2. Paul D. says:

    “He Kept a lot of pictures of her, though, said Lilah. They looked really happy together. then Lilah told me that she thought the reason that she and Cherkis had never really connected in a big way was that he was still in love with Min.” pg 255

    This quote is a good example of how the present is linked to the past. Cherkis had every reason to leave Min because she tried to hide their kids from him. Even though Cherkis still loved his family very much, it was a better decision to just pack up and leave. He tried to find a new life in the U.S. but he still missed his family. However, all of his shortcomings in the past don’t seem quite as difficult as what he is feeling now, separated from Min. Even though Cherkis has had to deal with all of Min’s problems over the years he still has good memories of her that overshadow the bad memories. In addition, he never really wanted to leave Min in the first place, he was forced to leave after a particularly bad meltdown of hers. After Min is released from the hospital maybe Cherkis would be able to repair their relationship and bring back his past role as a father and a husband. However, like he wants to remember some things he will also want to forget other things such as the fact that Min’s past mental health problems will always plague her and make it hard on her loved ones.

  3. Latimer says:

    Min gets in a person’s car and gets a ride to the ATM so she can give them sixty dollars and then is left to walk home. “And then [Min] tells Cherkis about this and he tells me and asks me what the hell is wrong with that woman? He didn’t say it spitefully or angrily. He said it quietly. He was stumped, genuinely. He wanted to know as badly as I did” (176).

    While everyone’s pasts are linked to their presents and futures, this quote links the past to the present quite well, for Min, Hattie, and Cherkis. It shows the beginning of Min losing touch with “normal” behavior and reality. She is a good person, and deeply trusting, though people generally are not so trusting that they would hop into a car with complete strangers to get them money from an ATM.

    It shows that Cherkis was beginning to lose patience dealing with Min’s problems, that he just did not understand. So he turns to Min’s sister Hattie, for help, and she just does not understand what is happening either. What this passage also shows is that Cherkis and Hattie were sources of mutual support. It is possibly for this reason that Hattie decides to take the kids to find Cherkis. We see best here the start of everything that is happening in the present.

  4. Cassie says:

    She told me she had to zip out for a few minutes to buy something, but she didn’t come back until the next day and I was left alone in the house in a body cast, unable to move (172).

    This passage captures the struggle Hattie has with her past. She has a delicate relationship with her sister Min, who struggles with depression, and her flashbacks pertaining to her sister are alternatively sweet and sour. This one, where Hattie is left alone and defenseless while their parents are out, is particularly moving. Hattie is debating her sister’s wish to die and goes back and forth on the issue, seemingly depending on her mood. Right after this quotation, she decides she will turn a blind eye to whatever Min decides she wants.

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