Second essay topics Fall 2010

1. Examine the role of the natural environment in two of the final four novels we have studied. What role does it play in the lives of the characters and how does this connect to the larger themes of the novels?

2. The past, remembering, and personal or cultural loss play play key roles in several of the novels we’ve read over the second half of the course.  Focusing on two novels and at least one character from each text, examine how theme is developed and how, in some cases, it shapes the narratives of these books.

3. Create your own topic that allows you to look at a common theme or connection between two of the final books we’ve looked at in this course (Late Nights on AirThrough Black SpruceFebruary, and The Flying Troutmans).

Whatever your topic, make sure your essay deals with both books at the same time as much as possible. Don’t write two short essays, one about each book, and simply try to join them in the middle. Find points of comparison throughout. If you choose option three, make sure that the topic is narrow enough that you can answer it sufficiently and in enough detail in a 2000 word essay. Although I’ve chosen not to require you to do secondary research, I encourage you to do so if it’s relevant to your topic.

Feel free to run your topic by me either in person or by e-mail. I’m also willing, if time permits, to review introductory paragraphs and/or outlines to help make certain that you are on the right track.

DUE: Thursday, December 9th.

WORD LENGTH: 1800 – 2000 words

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