Group blog assignment for 2010


As you know, each of your groups is focusing on one region of Canada and your group will be creating a blog where you will share with the rest of the class (and the world!) all that you’ve learned about this area.

Each week, your group will be responsible for a blog posting that will encompass text, images, and, if you wish, audio or video. Your goal over the course of the semester is to share with the class as much as you can learn about your particular region. While you might have blog postings about things that are happening in the news in that region or some cool links or information that you’ve discovered about that area, the biggest posting of the week will revolve aroundone of the following themes:

– the Canadian election and the major issues affecting your region

– the history of your region

– the geography of your region

– An author from your region

– A musical artist or group from that region

– A town or city from that region

– A newspaper from your region

– Issues affecting First Nations people in your region

– A book about your region from the library

– A movie or TV series from that region (NOT a US film or TV series filmed in Canada)

All of your blog postings should contain text and images and each should be a minimum of 250 words. I’ll also be expecting to see you using a variety of types sources. The Internet might work for some of these, but I expect you to use the library as well.

As we discussed in the blog workshop, make sure to cite all of your sources, including images.


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