Judaism and Ethical Monotheism

Paul Fischer
              Judaism started nearly 3500 years ago with Abraham becoming the first prophet for the religion Judaism. Abraham is considered the father of the Ethical Monotheistic format that would be the foundation for the religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Hebrews believed that their god was omni present and that he gave the Ten Commandments to Moses over two and a half thousand years ago after he led them to freedom form the Egyptians who were enslaving the Hebrews. These laws, which are present in every Ethical Monotheism, must be abided by believers of such religions. The Jews claimed that their god was omnipotent and was the single god. This infuriated several priests in polytheistic religions. These religions were very powerful until the collapse of the Roman Empire. Jesuit faith took another blow following the Diaspora of Jews in the Roman Empire. This spread Judaism all over the continent of Europe and the chosen people had lost their homeland to another Ethical Monotheism: Christianity. Christians gained popularity after various disciples became martyrs led by Jesus Christ. This upheaval occurred from zero BC until approximately 135 AD when Christianity got a colossal boost from Emperor Constantine’s conversion. Christians were driven to Italy by the Islamic Jihads in the eight hundreds. Islam is the third great Ethical Monotheism with over eight hundred million believers world wide. The three religions all share numerous characteristics that have helped to construct them into dominant religions. All of the religions have rules that people can obey to be faithful believers … regardless of where they came from or what race they are. They also share a vicious need to wipe out other religions that are less powerful.
              The main importance of Ethical Monotheism is its presence as the largest religions on Earth. Christianity actually uses many of the same books and shares the Ten Commandments with their counterparts – the Jews.  Islam is less related to Judaism and Christianity but they do use the “five pillars” and they claim to be descendents of Abraham. The religions in which Ethical Monotheism is present are some of the supreme religions on earth because of its appeal to people universally. Unlike religious principles that came prior to the Ethical Monotheism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam accept converts from everywhere on earth. The polytheistic religions that dominated the ancient world believed that their god cared only for their patron city or nation. Even skilled non-Romans would  to work for years before they could become full Romans. By the times the Romans were lenient; many other religions (such as Greece) made it impossible to convert to their religion. When Ethical Monotheism’s God welcomed the masses and provide simple procedures for conversion, ancient religions were blown away by the emerging religions. The reason for the Diaspora was a last ditch effort by the Romans to survive the emergence and success of Judaism and their ruthless politicians. This is why the Christian religion became successful; the Christians took advantage of the lack of Jews to control the Roman Empire. Their greatest success in this undertaking before the Romans collapse was the conversion of Emperor Constantine in AD c306. Thus Christians would become one of the most powerful organized religions in the world.
              The Christians are a prime example of the Ethical Monotheism. Today Christians are among the greatest religions on earth and because of this Christianity has control of the strongest nations on earth. Christians have used subversive tactics to eliminate other religions (including Judaism: Christians helped to drive them out of Rome by 300 AD); inquisitions in which people were forced to join the church or citizens would be tortured, and wars such as the crusades in which the pope attempted to convert millions of Islamic “heretics” in the throughout the middle ages. The Jews, Islamic and Christians all shared a drive to eliminate all other religions. It is this paranoia that brought Ethical Monotheism to the top of the religious hierarchy. It will also doom the religions to forever quibble in an endless cycle as each religion attempts to gain the upper hand.

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