A Modest Proposal (Without Satire) 2006?

In recent weeks Jack Abramoff came clean on one of the largest scandals in history by corrupting the senators and congressmen of well over a dozen states. One of America’s biggest problems is the corruption that is inherent in her checks and balances system. The reason for this is that it appropriates large amounts of power to merely three, small parties. Congress and senate are composed of hundreds of various characters with complete charge of the nation’s economic drawstrings. Theoretically these characters would be incorruptible and would check the power of the executive branch, or president. In the executive branch there is a much greater potential for corruption because presidents are only slightly better paid and their views are that of one man, his prejudices, and vices. Often it seems that presidents who display great economic and diplomatic savvy are prone to believe that the public will not understand high theory and the president will lose public support. There have also been presidents who believe in following the publics order to the mark, but have proved incapable of interpreting these wishes and taking a stand when intelligent governing must be exercised. The ideal president that was envisioned by our forefathers is one that will wisely rule the people while still explaining their ideals to the public and providing for the common mans needs. Finally the final balance is the Supreme Court which can declare any law at any time unconstitutional. This is the one branch where utmost caution must be involved to ensure that no member be corrupt or overly idealistic. The most important measure is the lifetime contract which the Supreme Court receives to assure the public that though, a partisan group may appoint the member; no pressure would be enforced to bend the member’s judgment.

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