NAMI Report

Paul Fischer

Feb. 21, 2006
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
              In 1983 a grassroots group of families came together to form an alliance that would protect the mentally ill of Vermont from the prejudice of misinformed citizens. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has set up twelve support groups in local areas across Vermont. These groups support families with the mentally ill. They also educate the public about the mentally ill so that mentally ill may not suffer the prejudices that people naturally harbor about those that are different. It is not hard to receive help from this organization because you can reach them at any of their support groups or at the headquarters in Waterbury at a toll free number: 1-800-639-6480. Despite the huge mission that NAMI undertakes, out of over twenty five workers only one is a contracted, or non volunteer, worker. The Alliance is easy to find and the administrative assistant, Linda Anderson, con give you several brochures and vital information if you think you might be interested in helping the Alliance. If you do have a family member with a mental illness and you are not certain how to properly handle them, then there are several FREE classes that one can attend in all twelve of the sectors occupied by the National Alliance. NAMI is certainly a boon to affected families all over Vermont and volunteering is a noble cause. The better our society can understand the mentally ill then the can fit in more effortlessly and regain a stature and excitement in life that they’ve never been able to experience before.

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