A (Temporary) Goodbye

Today I went to my phenology place for one last blog post.   I first found my spot last fall and now I finally got to see it during it’s spring beauty.  It is the first week of May and some green is coming out of the ground.  After months of snow, the green is a huge phenological change.

Nature and culture intertwine at my place.  Today, when I walked down the path leading to my place I passed multiple students holding clipboards.  It became clear to me that my place, as well as the rest of centennial woods, is more than just a natural area.  Students use it to farther their educations and to learn about the environment.  The environment is also affected by the people who travel there.  With paths clearly stomped down and bridges built across the rivers, nature and culture are truly working together.

Leaving was kind of sad because I feel like I am a part of my place.  I have been going all school year and feel like I’m a piece of my place.  After documenting my site for months, I feel like I go often enough to be a part of it.  Whenever I think about that spot I associate it with my blog.  When I leave for the summer, I will miss my place.  In the same way that nature and culture intertwined here, nature and I have also intertwined.  I’ve learned a lot from my place and have become absorbed by it.  As I close my last blog post, I know I will see my site again next fall.