Search for Spring

I visited my phenology site with a mission.  That mission was to search for the emerging spring.  The largest challenge I faced was the layer of snow covering my place.  Who could of guessed that it would be snowing during April?  I surely could not have.

I looked for spring everywhere.  No flowers in the trees were budding, no wildflowers could push past the snow, and when I went hunting for amphibians there were none to be found.  There were, however, a few signs of spring trying to push through.  I found some tree roots that I thought perfectly encapsulated the struggle of spring trying to get through.  I decided a picture was not enough so I also sketched it.

The small bits of green are giving all they got to try and grow, however, the snow of winter still remains in the way.  The conflict embodied in this picture existed throughout my place.

I decided to consider my place from a landscape ecology point of view.  My place is very close to the edge of centennial woods.  Far too close for any interior species to survive.  There could be, however, many forest edge species.  The edge effect is very prominent because of my places proximity to the edge.  It’s really just 20 meters or so.

Winter may still have a strong hold on my phenology site, but spring will emerge in the coming weeks.