Tod’s Point Beach

Over spring break I traveled back home to Greenwich, CT.  I then went out searching for a new phenology place.  I decided to choose the town beach, Tod’s Point.  It’s a beautiful stretch of land that is surrounded by Long Island Sound.  On a clear day you can look out past the water and see the New York City skyline in the distance.  The site was once two islands that were used for fishing by Native Americans, specifically the Siwanoy tribe.  The land had many woody trees filling the landscape.  The beach was purchased in 1640 by colonists who were creating Greenwich.  When it was repurchased 1884, by J. Kennedy Tod, many phenological changes occurred.   The space between the two islands was filled, combining them, and a road was built around the island, fragmenting the habitat.  A few buildings were also erected.  Some trees were cleared for recreational spaces, but many trees remained.  The trees were mostly hardwoods.  Many trees still stand, but their leaves are gone for the winter.  Some trees had fallen down from the wind of last weeks nor’easter.







When I walked around the beach.  The sounds of birds were everywhere.  It was amazing! I was hardly able to have a conversation without the chirping of a bird interrupting me.  Birds love to fly around the beach.  And since I went on a sunny day, the birds were all happily flying about.  I found a section in the middle of the island were a few bird houses were.  This seemed to be were all the birds were congregating.  I did my best to capture a few birds on camera.  One of which I believe to be an elusive wood pecker.

Here is a google map to show where Tod’s Point is: