New Site in the Style of Leopold

I walk down the old dirt path leading to my new place.  As I turn around the corner I can see the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the lake.  The brightness blinds the eastern hemlocks surrounding the lake.  Those trees stand taller than the rest, commanding the scene.  Upon father investigation, there are ducks swimming through the lake.  They are the only disturbance on an otherwise still body of water.  It is almost as though the surface was remaining still just for the ducks to enjoy.  One duck starts to swim away from the pack, for reasons unknown to me.  The rest of the ducks follow suit.  I realize that these ducks are a family, were one goes so do the rest.  They exist in perfect harmony with each other, the sky, and this lake.  Luckily for them, this was the perfect day.  Such a small amount of wind and a perfect temperature, the day was made for this family of ducks.  The sun begins to set and a beautiful set of colors are unleashed onto the lake.  It truly is amazing how nature connects everything together in such a peaceful way.  And somehow, with all of these different moving parts of the scene, an unbelievable stillness and quietness remains in tact.