My Place (Burlington) Vs My New Site (Greenwich) – Holland

My place in Burlington is bustling with life.  A bird built a nest for its babies to be grow up in.  It was constructed on a tall branch of an eastern white pine.  Interesting that both places have coniferous trees.  My new site also contains a few evergreens, most common are eastern hemlocks.  If there is a birds nest in my new site, it will soon be uncovered as well as more and more leaves fall to the ground.  Both places are similar forests because both are in the northeast, my new place being a little farther south.  The biggest difference between the two places is the giant lake that defines my new place.  My original place had a stream near by but no actual body of water was at the site.  In my new site, a lake is so big and so strong, it makes it harder to notice anything else.  Fish swim around under the still surface, calling this lake their home.  Ducks rest their wings on the surface of the water.  All life seems to be drawn to the lake, it is the center of a tiny ecosystem.  My place back in Burlington lacked a large water source, and seemed more quiet.  There is way more life easily noticeable by the lake.