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Winooski Mozz Stix tour final results!

13 May

After our Winooski excursion we needed to decide who had the top mozz, and honestly it was a clear and unanimous decision, all three places put up a good offering but if you’re in the ‘noosk and need your mozz stix fix, Papa Frank’s is your best bet!

1st place: Papa Frank’s

2nd place: McKee’s Pub & Grill

3rd place: Donny’s NY Pizza

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Final Stop on the Winooski Mozz tour: McKee’s Pub & Grill

13 May
McKee's Pub & Grill Exterior

McKee’s Pub & Grill Exterior

Our final stop was at the top of the circle, Mckee’s! Another spot with outdoor seating and very quick service, we decided to time how long it took from 0 – mozz, and here were the results, not too shabby!

McKee's Time to Mozz Satisfaction

McKee’s Time to Mozz Satisfaction

With our other two Mozz experiences fresh in our mind, the bar was high for Mckee’s Mozz to step it up! These had a different look and a very different sauce, but could they stand up the the competition?

McKee's Mozz Stix

McKee’s Mozz Stix

The largest order, and the most expensive order, McKee’s Stix were very crunch with a great mozz texture, a bit drier and chewier than the others. The sauce was a bit spicy for me – the marinara is supposed to be a compliment not the dominate flavor and here I felt it was a bit overwhelming. Check back for the final results of the Winooski Mozz tour!

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Second Stop on the Winooski Mozz tour: Papa Franks

13 May
Papa Frank's Exterior

Papa Frank’s Exterior

Next up was Papa Frank’s, a slightly nicer sit-down Italian┬árestaurant about two blocks up the hill from Donny’s. Service here was certainly not as nice, we were seated at a table and after we ate it took quite a while to actually get the waitress to come and take my card. But now on to the mozz!

Papa Frank's Mozz Stix

Papa Frank’s Mozz Stix

Although on the initial look most of us though these looked a bit less appealing than Donny’s, after one bite it was clear these were much better! The mozz was much more of a dominate flavor than crunchy breading, it was very moist and chewy and the mozz was totally evenly distributed. So flavorful the marinara was much less needed with these. These are certainly worth checking out if you’re in Winooski. But now the real question: Could McKee’s beat Papa Franks? Stay tuned…

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First Stop on the Winooski Mozz tour: Donny’s NY Pizza

13 May
Donny's NY Pizza Exterior

Donny’s NY Pizza, Winooski, VT

First Stop on the tour was Donny’s – a little pizza joint at the bottom of the traffic circle. Service was quite good, order at the counter – and the guy even recommended we eat outside, which we did! Took about 5 minutes to get what was a pretty standard looking serving of Mozz Stix.

Donny's NY Pizza Mozz Stix

Donny’s NY Pizza Mozz Stix

They looked solid but were not that great, mozz was unevenly distributed – the first one was half empty! The sauce was decent and the breading was fairly flavorful but it was clear these were just some frozen stix and not home made. We gave them a C. At about $5 for 5 it was an ok deal, but you’re probably better off sticking with the pizza here.

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