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Al’s French Fry’s Mozz Stix

20 May
Al's French Fry's Mozz Stix

Al’s French Fry’s Mozz Stix

Our first review of diner Mozz Stix here on the VT Mozz Stix blog. Al’s French Fry’s serves up some mean mozz, $4.25 for 5, it’s a great deal and they’re classic counter service is really good. The mozz stix were very crisp and crunchy, and the mozz was well distributed with just enough creamy meltyness . The marinara paired quite well and made for one of the best mozz stix experiences so far! Make sure to grab a milk shake while you’re there!


The Great Winooski Mozz Stix Tour of 2013!

13 May
Amy loves Mozz

Amy mowing down on some prime mozz stix

Saturday May 11, 2013 was the first ever Mozz Stix Tour of Winooski, VT! We hit up the top three Mozz Stix joints in downtown Winooski… keep following to find reviews from Donny’s NY Pizza, Papa Franks, and McKee’s Pub!

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