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Another one bites the dust… *UPDATED*

19 Mar

(Updated 3/19/2014)

According to an insider source, The One Pepper Grill has brought Mozz Moons back! VTMozzStix blog will be keeping up to date with events as they unfold, expect and updated review in the coming days!

(Our original story follows below)

Bad news Mozz Stix fans, one of our favorite takes on the classic Mozz Stix is no more!

ONE Pepper Grill Mozz Moons

ONE Pepper Grill Mozz Moons

Burlington’s ONE Pepper Grill has decided to leave us mozz stix lovers out in the cold, their infamous “Mozz Moons”¬†are now a mere memory of the glory days of The ONE Pepper Grill. Perhaps once their profits begin to dip due to a serious loss of customers they will change their mind but until then you’ll need to look elsewhere for you fried mozzy needs.


Looking to get your own Mozz Stix?

01 May

Check out our new page located at the top right, it will list restaurants all over Vermont that sell Mozz Stix, bookmark it so you can always find that Mozz Stix fix!


Welcome to VT Mozz Sticks!

30 Apr

Welcome to the inaugural post of VT Mozz Stix! Here I will be posting places all across Vermont that sell fried mozzarella sticks along with pictures and reviews! Check back often, it makes a great homepage!

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