Second Stop on the Winooski Mozz tour: Papa Franks

13 May
Papa Frank's Exterior

Papa Frank’s Exterior

Next up was Papa Frank’s, a slightly nicer sit-down Italian┬árestaurant about two blocks up the hill from Donny’s. Service here was certainly not as nice, we were seated at a table and after we ate it took quite a while to actually get the waitress to come and take my card. But now on to the mozz!

Papa Frank's Mozz Stix

Papa Frank’s Mozz Stix

Although on the initial look most of us though these looked a bit less appealing than Donny’s, after one bite it was clear these were much better! The mozz was much more of a dominate flavor than crunchy breading, it was very moist and chewy and the mozz was totally evenly distributed. So flavorful the marinara was much less needed with these. These are certainly worth checking out if you’re in Winooski. But now the real question: Could McKee’s beat Papa Franks? Stay tuned…

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