First Stop on the Winooski Mozz tour: Donny’s NY Pizza

13 May
Donny's NY Pizza Exterior

Donny’s NY Pizza, Winooski, VT

First Stop on the tour was Donny’s – a little pizza joint at the bottom of the traffic circle. Service was quite good, order at the counter – and the guy even recommended we eat outside, which we did! Took about 5 minutes to get what was a pretty standard looking serving of Mozz Stix.

Donny's NY Pizza Mozz Stix

Donny’s NY Pizza Mozz Stix

They looked solid but were not that great, mozz was unevenly distributed – the first one was half empty! The sauce was decent and the breading was fairly flavorful but it was clear these were just some frozen stix and not home made. We gave them a C. At about $5 for 5 it was an ok deal, but you’re probably better off sticking with the pizza here.

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