JT’s Mozz Stix deconstructed

02 May
JT's Mozz Stix deconstructed

JT’s Mozz Stix deconstructed

And now for something completely different… Here we have my good friend JT’s Mozz Stix Deconstructed, more of a fondue really but surprisingly good. The recipe is simple, heat up some olive oil in a skillet, toss in some sliced cheddar until it gets melty, then toss in a bit of Kimchi , mix it up and then eat with carrot stix.

The Kimchi added a nice amount spicy tang along with the sharp bitterness from the cheddar, and although it was very melty and gooey, the crisp carrot stix added a nice crunch! Great little drunk snack that you should all try!

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