The Gang’s All Here

By Kris Stepenuck, course instructor

All the students have arrived, and started to have the opportunity to observe and learn about life in the Netherlands. From buildings that tilt due to the unstable (somewhat watery) base upon which they are laid, to the magnificent rows of trees that line the bike paths along the canals, to artwork of famous Dutch artists over time, the impact of water in this culture and society is evident. In addition, the influence of strict zoning regulations create a stark contrast between cities and their surrounds, and allow a country with a population of 17 million people living in 42,500 square km (not quite double the size of Vermont, which is 24,500 square km) to feel rural.

Over the next few weeks, biking from city to city, we will be considering environmental, economic, and social aspects of a variety of water management and sustainability-related sites and projects. Students will take turns sharing their insights from our country tour here. We hope you will enjoy learning with us as we go.

Everyone made it safely, and is headed from Schiphol to Amsterdam on the train – just ahead of the national strike of public transport. Photo by Kris.
Do any of these Amsterdam buildings look askew to you? Photo by Kris.
Allison waits for a draw bridge to close. Photo by Kris.

Our first two day’s estimated total biking distance: 16.2 km (10.1 mi)

Provinces we have visited or biked through (of 12 in the Netherlands): 1

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