Final Words

This will be my last update for the blog. It’s been an amazing, unique experience to be present in my site’s transformation over the months.

Here’s a visual of the meadow through the seasons:



Centennial Woods is a great resource for the Burlington community. Offering a free natural space on the edge of a developed city offers a place to explore, learn, observe, and unwind. Nature is strongly tied to wellbeing, and stepping foot onto the trails instantly fills one with a sense of ease, and possibly even belonging.

The natural area also serves as an educational space for the students and faculty at UVM. Getting acquainted with the area’s plant and animal life, as well as habitat structure, was one of the most valuable and fun learning experiences I’ve had so far.

Spending several hours at my site over the past two semesters has really made me feel at home there. I feel like family with some of the plants I’ve seen grow. I eagerly anticipate the return of some of the birds I watched playfully dance amongst the trees. I have experienced growth and change with the land. I could say I am part of the place.

I intend on continuing to visit the site through my next few years here in Burlington. Allowing myself to become so intimate with a place has been a privilege, and I would not want to let the relationship I have formed fizzle away.

Thanks for enjoying this exploration with me!