Traveling Lessons Learned

With our busiest week of interviews coming to an end, I’m going to reflect on some lessons learned on a couple of levels.

Regarding requesting an interview of busy healthcare professionals– persistence counts. One office was contacted six times and then came through with two interviews for us.  The snowball effect definitely pays off as each interviewee was asked to recommend others for us to contact. Lastly, finding a practice manager who has experienced Alzheimer’s Disease on a personal level can open many doors. 

Regarding money management –  Wire transfers of funds are a nightmare when in a different time zone and date – avoid at all costs.  Out of country debit cards are treated like credit cards here in New Zealand so there is no option to select debit or credit.  Finally, American Express is NOT preferred and many shopkeepers will tell you exactly why – too many fees and policy changes for them.  So don’t believe the ads, bring cash and a debit card and a back up credit care. 

Wellness activities are essential to keeping the team going– For example, riding up in the Cable Car and walking down to the city for 40 minutes through the lovely Wellington Botanical Gardens with my team and my brother. A lovely hike along the rugged coast also keeps our spirits high. 

Monkey Puzzle Tree “Described as a ‘Living Fossil’ due to its great age, this tree is quite architectural with it’s whorls of triangular leaves on widely-spaced branches. Tolerant of coastal salt spray but does not like exposure to pollution, dry soils or poor drainage. Evergreen. Hardy”
Some great vistas high above Breaker Bay
A lovely walk along the coastline with lots birdsong and hills to climb

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