The Team is On the Ground

This is our busy week for interviews.  Social Worker Lori McKenna has joined Betty Rambur and I and provides a wealth of understanding of carer’s needs.   Lori is also a very experienced traveler and we have appreciated her insight and love of a good walk.  All our interviews are being conducted in Wellington and the Lower Hutt.  Half of the “journey” is getting to the destination on the bus and observing daily life in this part of the world. We have been on the bus by ourselves OR squeezed in with commuters OR seated with beautiful school kids of many cultural backgrounds. We have struck up conversations with locals including elders, teens and retired healthcare professionals regarding their opinion of their health care system and not gotten a single negative reply.   By week’s end we will have done 10 interviews, logged many bus and foot miles, and conquered any technological snafus which came our way.  Signing off feeling like empowered international women, Mary Val, Lori and Betty   

Lori making the transfer to go to the Lower Hutt
Lori and Betty getting ready to “tag off” the bus
Betty is off to her first interview

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