Nurses in New Zealand

Now that I have visited and contacted 16 primary care offices in Wellington NZ, I would like to offer this observation…. New Zealand really knows how to use nurses in primary care! In each office the Nurse Consulting Room is up front close to the waiting room.  I was lucky enough to snaps some photos to give you an idea of this space. The nurses’ role in chronic disease management allows the GP to focus on the medical care and adds to the holistic health of the patient and family in their home setting.   I wish I could bottle up this model and bring it to Vermont. 

My wellness activity for today… a nice swim in one of the many pools in Wellington.  Did you know that all children are required to learn how to swim in grade school here?  A smart idea for this beautiful island nation; the investment in their swimming pools is evident everywhere.  Happy me!

Friendly NZ RN ready to see patients and families in the Nurse Consultation Room
Phone, computer and printer – all in exam room

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