My last visit to the Redstone forest

Today, I visited the Redstone forest for the last time this semester. It snowed this morning and it was a beautiful time for me to go today. I did research on the history of the Redstone forest on campus and I could not find anything about it. It made me wonder how all these trees got there. I know that Eastern White Pines can live from 200-400 years and they look very big. Could it they have been planted my UVM? I think that they are too tall and old for that. I also know that pine trees do well in disturbed conditions. I wonder if there was a farm here in the past. Or if it was deforested for some other reason at a point in history? It could have been reforested by UVM or just regrown from birds and other animals spreading their seeds.  I guess I will never know the true human history of the Redstone forest. I know that even after this assignment is over I will continue to visit Redstone forest. It is a great place to spend time and relax at any time in the year. It is interesting to see how the maple and oak leaves get into the Redstone forest when there is only  about two red oak trees and one maple tree in all of the forest. I have attached photos of both of these leaves below. It is so pretty and I will miss visiting it over break. 

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