Duxbury Town Forest

I chose to use Wright as my writing style.

The place I visited was the town forest in Duxbury Massachusetts. The cool wind blowing off the water made the trees dance. While I standing on the trail I looked to the right, and then to the left. On either side of the trail there were trees as far as the eye could see. It looked like forest never ended. The sky looked green with all of the needles filling up the canopy. I continued to walk through the trail. The crunch of the leaves on the ground followed me with every step I took. I looked on the ground to find many brown leaves from oak trees and maples. There were many short pine trees about up to my knee. I wondered how old they were. I heard the birds singing all around me, but I could not see any birds, until I got to the pond. At the end of the trail, there is a beautiful pond. It is a blue grey color, like the color of the sky on a foggy day. The sun is glistening off of the water. The pond is surrounded by the forest, fiery colored trees on every side. I even noticed two ducks swimming the pond. They swam close together and they left a trail in the water as the continued to move. While I was observing the ducks, it started to rain. The rain drops imprinted into the pond, leaving circles. I started to head back to the car, retracing my steps through the trail. The rain hitting the trees sounded like drums. It was louder than my footsteps on the leaves. I stopped one last time to admire the place that I call home. It was beautiful. I looked around at the green pine needles and the orange, and yellow leaves falling from the trees. I looked up at the canopy covering the sky. I looked down at my white sneakers covered in dirt and standing in nothing but fallen leaves. I was proud that this was my home.

My town in forest in Duxbury is very different to my phenology spot in Burlington. My phenology spot has a sparse number of trees. I could walk all around Redstone forest without running into a tree. Whereas in Duxbury, if I had gone off trail I would’ve gotten lost in the thousands of trees in the forest. The forest is like cornfield, many trees tight together, seemingly never ending. The two spots were similar in that they were both over taken by pine trees. In both places I would look up at the pine trees like skyscrapers above my head. The beautiful smell of pine tree brought me into the cheerful Christmas spirit. When I enter the Redstone forest and the Duxbury forest I am taken back by the smell of pines. The ground of the two forest was very similar too. Both grounds, that were once grass, are now covered in pine needles, leaves, and pine cones, Although there were more leaves at the Duxbury forest and more pine needles at the Redstone forest. It is like I am stepping onto a orange carpet on pine needles. The canopy and both the Redstone forest and the Duxbury forest is very similar. The green pine needles surround the sky and cover the clouds. When I look up all I can see is pine trees encircling me. It feels like they are about to come crashing down on me, but I am not scared, it is a beautiful sight. Another difference I noticed between the two forests is that there is more red oak trees in the Duxbury forest. The red oak leaves are a pretty color auburn red which stand against the sky like fire. Each time an oak leaf falls it is like an ashes of a fire hitting the ground.  I also noticed that there a lot younger trees in the Duxbury forest, whereas in the Redstone forest there is only mature tall pine trees. Both of these forests are a magical places to be.


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