11/1- Visitation Update

The organisms I jotted down in my field notes included: Barberry, Red Maple, White Pines, Green Ash, Poison Ivy, and Striped Maple. Almost all of the trees I listed did not have any leaves on them, except for the Red Maple, which still had a small cluster of yellow leaves. These 6 organisms definitely characterize my site, as they demonstrate that my site is mainly trees.

Since my previous visit, most vegetation has begun to die. Also, the day prior, a large flooding occurred, so many vegetation may have been drowned or pulled out during that period. The main footbridge, where a large majority of the vegetation remained, had parts of its wood ripped off.

The soil, obviously was much more damp than my last visit. The flood had soaked the soil, much of the soil still being extremely damp or still flooded. The ground still was littered with leaves, but not as many leaves as my previous visit.

The act of mapping my site definitely altered my sense of this place. I now feel much more comfortable in Centennial, as I have drawn out the paths and flora. I feel more connected to this site as well, due to my frequent visits.

Red maple with some leaves
map of Centennial
Field Notes

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