10/21/18 Changes in Phenology and Wildlife

Today, October 21st, 2018, I visited my phenoligy place again.

Fall has arrived!!!!!

I noticed a lot of changed in the leaves of the trees and the amount of leaves on the ground. There is not much sign of animals. I did not hear any birds chripping or wood-pecking . I did see a chipmunk run by, but other than that their are not yet any signs of animal activity.

The amount of leaves on the ground has definetelly increases since my last visit. The various sorts of colors of the leaves shows how many of the leaves fallen are fairly new, but there are also plenty that have reached a dark brown, indicating that they fell from their orignal tree a while ago:


This Norway Maple’s leaves are turning yellow:


Birds eye view of my phenology spot:

Photo taken from the spot marked “MAIN SPOT” on map, for reference. Also shows the changing colors of the trees in the area.


Temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Time: about 3 pm

Windy and cloudy, some snow