Inchoate Ideas For A Podcast

One idea for my podcast is the local food scene in the Burlington area. I think that this area is chock full of interesting people, many of whom have stories to tell that are unheard and the food scene might be an exciting avenue to explore people and their businesses. One might think that an area as small as Burlington might not have such a large or thriving food scene. In reality, our neighborhood is filled with restaurants, food stands, and food trucks. One prompt of Abel’s that I would like to use in finding a podcast worthy story in the Burlington area is “Somebody does something because ______ but_______.” It would be ideal if I could find a story about a person or group of people who worked towards opening a restaurant, food cart or food truck but had something unexplainable/unimaginable happen to them and took them for a wild ride at the start of their venture. I hope that for a story like this I will be able to speak with successful business owners in Burlington and gain their perspective on an issue after it was resolved. I have learned that the restaurant business is an exciting place since it attracts such a wide range of people and I think that it is a frequent topic of interest to many, mainly because everyone eats! 

Another prompt of Abel’s that could be useful in creating my podcast would be “I’m doing a story about X. And what’s interesting about it is Y.” I think that for this prompt I would try to find a person with an exciting story about overcoming a common struggle in a unique way. UVM has plenty of students from diverse backgrounds, and I know that there are students in our community with exceptional stories about how they overcame issues within their personal or academic lives. I think that this type of podcast story would be inspirational and motivational while highlighting a particular individual.  

Abel’s final prompt “This happened ____, then this____, then this_____, and then you wouldn’t #$%&*! believe it but____. And the reason that is interesting to every single person walking on the face of the earth is_____.” For this prompt, I think it would great to find a funny story from someone who worked in a retail store and had a ridiculous experience with a customer. In high school, I worked at a retail store and even though it was a local neighborhood shop and we knew many of the customers coming in people would still do things that shocked us.  Typically, their actions were rude, funny sometimes even outright disgusting. If my group can find someone who currently works retail, then I think we could get some great stories about customers that would be comical to the average person.