Video Remix Proposal

For my video remix I will seek to highlight the issue of climate change. Worldwide we are facing natural disasters that have effected millions of people on massive scales, bigger than ever before. Every week we hear about another hurricane, monsoon, tsunami, ice storm, snow storm or rain storm during a time of the year when there usually would not be one. Climate change is a real and present danger, one that can no longer be ignored by certain groups on the political spectrum. 

My political remix video will begin on a more lighthearted note by highlighting comical aspects of natural disasters. The comical aspects of natural disasters will be reporters and storm chasers who get stuck in the midst of a natural storm/disaster. The remix will quickly cut from incident to incident showing people getting soaked by a waves, their umbrellas flying out of their hands or getting hit by non-lethal objects. 

The remix will then cut to more serious notes showing newscasters behind their desks and politicians reporting about climate change and unprecedented storms. This section of the video remix will utilize scary events and reports within the last decade; some of the biggest storms including Hurricane Katrina and Sandy will be featured during this segment to drive home the point of just how devastating these natural disasters have had on human life. 

The third sequence in the remix video will be actual footage of the natural disasters. In comparison with the first sequence, this part will show the goriness of the storms and natural disasters. The more amateur footage will create a real-feel and will move slower than the previous two sequences to give the viewer time to let the images sink in. 

The fourth and final sequence of the remix video will once again be quick clips, showing politicians who deny climate change. This piece of the remix will show the ridiculousness of politicians and people in power who do not believe in climate change even though the previous three sequences have shown the effects of climate change on the world.